SEVENHOME is a new brand founded in 2020 which based on the Ningbo Zuanbang Technology Co., Ltd., Focus on UVC sterilizing Lamp and UVC Light, our factory has been designing, engineering and producing UVC Water Sterilizer and Water Filter Products more 20 years.

The 2020 is tough year with Covid-19 for everyone in the world, that is why we created SEVENHOME as a responsible and experienced company. Since we are familiar with UV Wavelengths, Electrical, Sheet Metal, Assembly and Supply Chains. Even though the UVC Sterilization is a new product, we still believe our technical team will successfully develop, Fortunately, we did it and developed UVC Sterilizing Lamp and Portable UVC Light Sanitizer‎ in 2 months, we are pleasure to see our products come all over the world and help them back to normal life.

SEVENHOME is dedicated to helping people improve lives and stay away from germs & viruses.

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High quality and performance, best material and process control, we have been trying show customer assured price and it will keep going

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Quality is always treated as the most important issues. Strictly quality defense line helps us with every step during our production and assembly

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From Pre-site service, you can have detail knowledge about our products, and after service will ensure your use and replacement of accessories

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After order confirmed, we promise making the delivery in 3 working days, and you will receive your bacteria helper in 2 weeks latest

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Certificates & Testing Reports

Company License
Export License
Sterilization Report - Escherichia-Coli
Sterilization Report - Staphylococcus Albus
Testing Report - UV Intensity Leakage
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  • Safety
  • Portable
  • Multi-function
  • Efficient
  • Environment
  • OEM/ODM Available

Yes, It has been safely used in the home, school, office and hospitals, you can put it wherever you want to sterilise.

Yes, It can be kill 99.99% germs and virus of 10 cubic metre space  in 15 mintues,  kitchen, living rooms and office take around 30~45 minute.

Yes, It will emits very strong UVC light, It will hamful you health, so please don’t stay together with this light when It turn on.

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To kill 99.99% germs without the use of chemical element in 2~3 minutes

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10,000 hours lamp life and 15 minutes working in 5~9 cubic metre space

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Fresh Air

Purify bad smells and remove smoke, bring natural air for your family

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WIFI Control

10 seconds delay start-up without radiation, wireless under wall remote control


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