150W Hospital UV Disinfection Lamp

Use 253.7nm 150W Hospital UV Disinfection Lamp to directly irradiate bacteria, high-intensity quartz lamp has high ultraviolet transmittance, and the lamp has a long service life. It is recommended to replace it in 8000~10000 hours.

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Product Size

25.2cm * 25.2cm * 86.3cm

Packed Weight


Irradiated Space





50 A







Timing Option

15mins, 30mins, 60mins

Delayed Stat-up

30 seconds



Details About 150W Hospital UV Disinfection Lamp

The Disinfecting Light applicable space: office, bedroom, bathroom, warehouse, hospital, kitchen, closet, school, factory, etc…
  • Timing function, no need to watch, can be set in 20-120 minutes, the UV sterilization lamp car can be used at the specified time, it can automatically cut off the power when completed, safe and reliable.
  • 180 ° adjustable lamp holder, wide range of disinfection, no restrictions on the lamp tube, comprehensive disinfection and sterilization, wider and more comprehensive range.
  • The remote control signal can pass through the wall without fear of interference. It can be remotely controlled through doors, walls, glass cabinets, etc., without angle restrictions and safety protection.
  • Universal wheel design, flexible and convenient, no matter where you need to push, there is no fear of trouble, double lamp design, high power lamp, high efficiency sterilization.
  • It is recommended that households use non-ozone Ultraviolet Light Disinfection, which is safe, non-toxic and harmless without residue.
Important Notes:

1. When using ultraviolet rays, people, plants and animals must leave the scene! Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light can burn people’s eyes and skin.
2. Under normal circumstances, disinfection twice a week, about 30 ~ 60 minutes each time; if there are many bacteria or large space, please increase the number of disinfection appropriately.
3. After using the ultraviolet light sanitizer for a period of time, it will gradually deteriorate and its intensity will decrease. For better results, it is recommended to replace the lamp regularly.

150W Factory UVC Sterilization
High Power UV Sterilizer Lamp
Hospital UVC Light Sanitizer

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